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Who We Are!

Cargo Compass SA is positioned to handle a diverse range of warehousing and distribution which is managed by staff with numerous years’ experience in global logistics.

Service Excellence is a core element of Cargo Compass SA’s market strategy and this is well supported by our team of highly skilled and experienced logistics individuals. A significant portion of our turnover is directed towards the training and development of our staff. Being a 100% owned South African business, we strictly comply with the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act and we currently enjoy a level 2 BEE rating. Cargo Compass SA remains committed to building collaborative relationships with various stakeholders, customers, vendors and state owned enterprises, as well as the communities in which we operate.

Our Mission

Cargo Compass SA sets out to provide clients with an Industry leading service, through the aspirations of eager, well-trained and highly motivated staff.

Our Customer Service Ethic is detailed in our Mission Statement: 'Exceed Expectations Every Time'

New Johannesburg Head Office

Cargo Compass SA has moved into our new Johannesburg Head Office in September 2022.

Strategically located close to the airport and the main Gauteng road network arteries, the new 30 000 square-meter facility heralds a new era for Cargo Compass SA.

With a roof clear spring height of 15,5 meters, it allows for ample space for racking in the warehouse that also boasts 16 dock levellers and five on-grade doors. This allows for the handling of a variety of vehicles including super links.

It also has a bonded storage warehouse (OS) and Special Operating Store (SOS) with 3500 pallet positions. A spice store with self-contained extraction and odour neutralisation as well as a cold storage facility for storing goods between 12 and 16°c completes the offering.

A total of 600 kilowatts of photovoltaic panels on the roof ensures the premises are never without electricity. Provision has been made for electric vehicle charging ensuring the facility is also future-proof and can adequately adapt to developments as and when they occur.

In a first for South Africa, a robotic cleaner has been deployed for the operation. This scrubbing machine operates 100% autonomously - from docking and charging itself to restocking cleaning equipment and water to the actual cleaning. It covers an average of 1000 square meters per hour meaning the warehouse is fully cleaned every two days.

State-of-the-art technology has been deployed to ensure the security of our new building. This includes facial and license plate recognition. A double perimeter fence fitted with infra-red motion sensor cameras secures the property while camera technology has also been deployed both inside and outside the buildings. All of the security systems are tied to multiple armed response companies.

To visit our new head office and view the services we offer,
contact us at    +27 11 454 2010.

Cargo Compass SA Durban

Our Commitment

To create a business environment characterized by high expectations, service excellence, tolerance, mutual respect and a caring concern for staff and clients alike.

Providing academic and training opportunities to all staff in order to foster and grow enquiring minds. We have created an environment in which every staff member is encouraged to develop initiative, self-discipline and the life skills necessary to handle any type of situation which may arise from their daily activities.

Raising the level of education and awareness in our staff so that they become caring and involved citizens in the South African economy.

To upholding the code of ethics as prescribed by our governing body.

To become all ‘import and export companies’ first choice partner in the South African market.

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